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“We believe that all teachers, given the right support, can be inspiring STEM role models, and, given the right tools, every child’s innate scientist can be nurtured and inspired to succeed. Through our products and services, we can help make this happen.”

We know that teaching STEM can be pretty tough for teachers.  A crowded curriculum, disparate resources and budget constraints means you may not have the time and resources to deliver the exciting practical STEM lessons you might like.  Moti-Lab makes it easy for you, using the same resource you can deliver lots of practical STEM learning in an easily accessible and fun to use format.

We are committed to helping all teachers be the best STEM teachers and role models they can be, so have developed a wide range of high quality teaching resources to help you.  Our lesson plans and back up resources will help give you the confidence to make STEM teaching easier, more interactive and more fun for both you and the children.

We are also developing lots of background resources to help with knowledge of what you are teaching, why and how it can be anchored in the real world to deepen understanding.

There is an ongoing problem of disengagement in STEM due to lack of availability of practical STEM lessons.  The easily accessible nature of Moti-Lab, and all our future products, are designed to be child centric, maximise interactivity, intuitiveness and most of all to be FUN!

Our resources capitalise on a child’s innate drive for exploration and investigation to explore science and maths with “Hands On” practicals that engage and inspire them.

The multisensory learning will deepen their understanding and ignite their passion for STEM, giving them the confidence they need to take STEM further in their academic careers and beyond.

Along with our academic partners such as Sheffield Hallam Institute of Education we are also backed by  The Young Foundation a body dedicated to reducing inequality in education.  Using these and future partners we are determined to improve the quality of STEM education for all young children.

If you are a corporate or academic body that shares our goals and are interested in helping our project we’d love to hear from you.

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