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Amazing Science and Maths Resource for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Hands on Science

Moti-Lab can be used to explore lots of different scientific concepts through “hands on” investigation.  Using just water, balls or anything else that flows kids can investigate forces, fluid dynamics, states of matter, materials among many more scientific concepts.

It’s designed to be super interactive and fun for children whether it be unstructured learning through play, semi structured child led investigation or more specific tasks teacher led tasks.

Through trial and error children are encouraged to develop their scientific thinkingformulating hypotheses, testing them out and evaluating their success with the plethora of tasks that can be performed.

All these scientific investigations are backed with our quality teaching resources showing exactly which parts of the curriculum the practical experiments can deliver.  Examples of our teaching KS1 science and KS2 science resources can be found here.

Two girls using Moti-Lab intently

Practical Maths

As well as basic concepts of volume, full, empty etc Moti-Lab can be used to explore lots of different mathematical concepts in a practical way.  This could be fractions – with the lengths of the gutters being 1, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4, or the amount the wheels turn.

Distance of the gutter runs can be measured and speed can be explored by timing water or objects down the run or by the number of revolution the wheel makes.

The switches can be used for addition, subtraction and division using water or coloured balls to represent different values.

The possibilities for exploring maths in a practical way are numerous and open to expansion through the imagination of teachers and children themselves.

This really adds to your provision if you are doing Maths Mastery and again the maths learning is backed with curriculum focussed resources – examples of which can be found here.


Using Moti-Lab allows for kids to investigate different types of technology in various ways, this can be materials – what materials stop the flow? what floats and what sinks?

Ideas of renewable energy generation can be explored using the wheel to represent a turbine to examine changes in energy, energy flow and generation.


This is a real benefit of Moti-Lab – every task involves engineering to solve the problems posed.  This could be designing and building the water run to avoid objects, go as fast as possible or as slow as possible.

The children will benefit from exploring problems in a multi sensory way, deepening their learning.

Curriculum Focused

All children ages 2-11 and beyond will love learning with Moti-Lab but it needs to deliver real and measurable learning outcomes.  For this we have teamed up Sheffield Hallam Institute of Education and other academic partners to bring teachers the background resources needed to help teach STEM in a fun and engaging manner.

STEM can be one of the hardest subjects to teach in primary and so we are producing learning guides specifically designed for Key Stages 1 and 2.  The guides can be used as a general overview of learning outcomes or adhered to more strictly for teachers who prefer that style.

Each guide will give pointers on what the specific learning outcomes are and where the tasks fit into the curriculum, as well as guides to adapting the teaching for different age groups or abilities.

Moti-Lab learning guides also come with suggestions for background learning resources or further learning if the themes really capture the imagination of the kids.

See some examples here.

Further Learning

Apart from the curriculum focused learning Moti-Lab offer a whole host of other benefits.  The interactive nature of the tasks will serve those who are less receptive to classroom based learning – which can yield positive behavioral and attainment results back in the classroom with increased confidence and sense of achievement for some of the more challenging students.

Although it can be used singularly Moti-Lab is a collaborative resource.  By its very nature Moti-Lab fosters teamwork and communication as the children work together to solve the problems and complete the tasks.

We’ve already had some great results in increasing vocabulary and communication especially with children who have English as an Additional Language (EAL).

Not Just STEM

There is no need to limit the learning you can deliver to just STEM education, we’ve had schools using the mobile board for class presentations, display boards, magnetic games for painting on and loads of other uses, for loads of different subjects!

Three primary girls doing science on Moti-Lab

Teaching Resources and CPD

At Moti-Lab we want to engage teachers and make teaching STEM fun, accessible and effective.  We will be supporting teachers through videos of experiments – these can be accessed at anytime saving precious time on preparation.  Have a look at, and please subscribe, to our YouTube channel here to see some of the experiments you can do on Moti-Lab.

We also want teachers to become involved in the Moti-Lab concept.  It’s open ended nature means that teachers are able to innovate with what they can use Moti-Lab to teach.

Teachers are in a best position to judge what is effective and can come up with their own lesson ideas for Moti-Lab and you can be sure that we will share these freely with other Moti-Lab users.

If you’d like to share your ideas and successful lessons please do so by joining and liking our facebook page here or tweeting us here. Once we’ve had a look and checked for duplication we will add them to our growing archive of learning resources, these can be accessed here , who knows you might win a prize for your school.

Get involved!

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