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The Moti-Lab Kit

An Image Of Moti-Lab Packed Away

STEM Learning

An image Of Moti-Lab Set Up Showing The Magnetic Modules

Easy To Maintain

Multiple set up

Everything you need for great STEM learning is contained within the reservoir. Moti-Lab is a pop up laboratory that comes self contained in it’s own mobile reservoir so it is easy to manoeuvre around your setting.

It is easy to clean and maintain. It is also easy to assemble / disassemble and with a little practice it should take no more than a couple of minutes.

You can arrange multiple Moti-Labs together to form a larger working area. Moti-Lab is double sided and and a single unit allows 8 children to use it at a time giving them ample room.

Kit Contents

Use It As A Whiteboard

Other Uses

Each kit comes with 16 gutters of varying lengths, two wheel and two switches. This gives you the basis for exploring loads of different science and maths using water, balls or anything else that flows.

The board itself acts as a whiteboard, this is great for hypothesising, planning and demonstrating before getting on with the practical work. The board can also be used to record the results of your experiments. It can also be used as a magnetic whiteboard for anything such as displays, drawing or magnetic games.

The reservoir itself can be used without the wall to deliver different types of STEM learning. It can be used as a large format displacement jar for measuring volume, a reservoir to investigate materials and loads of other uses.

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