Practical Maths, Science and More!


A “pop up” STEM lab

Do you want to be able to deliver amazing practical maths and hands on science experiments for every child in your school?

Invest in Moti-Lab and you can!

Moti-Lab’s magnetic gutters, wheels and switches can be used with water, balls or anything else that flows to explore a whole host of practical maths and “hands on” science experiments – and much more (see the kit here)

Covering large parts of the Maths and Science Curriculum for KS1, KS2, EYFS and fantastic for SEND this immersive, multi sensory system facilitates unending child led learning and learning through play.

A collaborative, concrete resource, it is great for fostering teamwork, problem solving, social skills and equipping children with the skills they need to become effective learners.

Backed with high quality adaptable lesson plans, learning guides and CPD.

Everyone in your school will benefit!

A boy exploring practical maths and science on moti-lab

From addition to averages, place value to Pi, engage and inspire your learners with captivating practical maths.

From forces to friction, slime to speed, you can easily deliver any number of “Wow” science experiments.

Super fun, engaging and interactive – Children love it!

Super fun and super easy to teach with – Teachers love it!


Mr David Primary school headteacher explains how Moti-Lab will benefit every child in his school for key stage 1 maths key stage 1 science and key stage 2 science, key stage 2 maths

Mr Davis, Headteacher, Wolverhampton

“We’ve got children from nursery right through to Year 6 and yet this one thing, Moti-Lab is going to benefit all the children, right across the school.”

Y5 Teacher Miss Meeds explains how Moti-Lab will benefit SEND children in her school as well as those with SEND in primary maths and science key stage 1 and key stage 2

Miss Meeds, Y5 Teacher, Sheffield

“Children with significant SEND took on leadership roles – if they can take that confidence into the classroom who knows what might happen”

EYFS teacher and science lead explains how good Moti-lab is for primary maths and science

Miss Williams, EYFS Teacher, Salford

“A chance for the children to experience something a bit different, I would wholeheartedly recommend Moti-Lab”

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Practical maths and science for primary schools
Practical maths, science and sensory learning for SEND children
Practical maths science and child led learning for early years EYFS

Why Moti-Lab works!

With completely engaged students and the ability to differentiate for every pupil –  Moti-Lab helps you produce learners that are fully invested in their learning, more committed and through this, gain deeper understanding.

Moti-Lab is easy to use and really fun to teach with, backed with high quality lesson plans and CPD for teachers. Every teacher at your school will have the ability to inspire learners to reach their potential!

This combination of inspirational learning and teaching ultimately leads to every pupil performing to the best of their abilities!


“Tell me and I forget,

teach me and I may remember,

involve me and I learn”

– Benjamin Franklin

We have designed all our products and lessons to fully engage children, finding the answers to challenges through hands on experimentation, investigation and problem solving, to find “their best answer”.

Mathematical concepts are investigated through practical application with this concrete resource, fantastic for maths reasoning and maths mastery.

The intuitive magnetic system allows children to test, record results, change strategy / hypothesise and retest in an instant giving amazing results for promoting working scientifically and resilience.

Moti-Lab isn’t just restricted to STEM education, it is a whole school resource that can be used for almost any type of learning, it’s amazing for fostering collaboration and teamwork, resilience, topic, vocabulary and more.

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