Fun Science Workshops

Harness the power of Moti-Lab for amazing science workshops.

Using our unique magnetic gutters, wheels and switches and water balls or anything else that flows, children can explore a whole range of Practical science and maths for the most fun learning experience.

Give your children an amazing STEM experience that they actually do!

There will be no demonstrations, no watching – all the children will be doing!

Primary school children enjoying a science workshop

We’ll bring 2 Moti-Labs to your school and accommodate up to 80 children in a day where they will be totally immersed in science and maths exploration – have a look here to see what we can do for EYFS, KS1 & KS2 and SEND workshops.

Adaptable to your current curriculum or topic based work a qualified and super fun Moti-Lab demonstrator will attend your school or setting for a full day to run up to 4 different workshops.

You can choose from loads of different topics and we will adapt it to suit any age / year groups, or a mixture of ages and classes.  The learning will be super fun and focussed for EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

Use it as a reward for your pupils, something extra to help struggling pupils or just a day of immersive interactive STEM fun.  It’s up to you!

All equipment and materials will be provided and each child will receive a special STEM master certificate at the end of the day!

Here is what previous teachers have said about our full day workshops!


EYFS Teacher Reviews Moti-Lab

“A chance for the children to experience something different, I wholeheartedly recommend Moti-Lab”

EYFS Teacher Reviewing a Moti-Lab Science Workshop

“absolutely fantastic day…full engagement….. a really positive experience”

“We have had the most amazing time…. fantastic learning through play!”

An Early Years Teacher reviews an early years science workshop

Pricing and booking info

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Of course we can make the day bespoke to your needs.  From a day of child led multi sensory learning right through to exploring some complex maths through experimentation – we can offer your children a rich and rewarding experience they won’t forget.

Here is a quick insight to a few of the most popular experiments that children can explore as part of our super science workshops.

As ever no watching or lecturing – in each session the kids will just be DOING!

Slime Time

KS2 Science Workshop - Slime Time

There is a huge amount in this investigation…. and of course SLIME!
Children investigate the relationship between viscosity and speed by mixing different concentrations of slime down and timing them down a gutter run they have built.  A fantastic experiment that combines both chemistry and engineering, fluids and forces.

For older children the results can be plotted in graph form giving an exponential curve.

Learning outcomes include:
Scientific method and fair testing, timing, data production and recording, presenting data in graphs, reversible and non reversible reactions, accurate measuring, states of matter and lots lots more!

Save The Water

Children build their own water run and create their own experiment on how to measure and improve the efficiency of the system they have built.
A fantastic engineering challenge that can be adapted to all ages – for younger children it can be just whether they saved most of the water, but for older children the experiment can be made more complex.  Starting with 1000ml how much was saved in ml, a percentage or a decimal? – How much was the efficiency increased or decreased each time the experiment was performed?
A great way to build in reasoning and a mastery approach to maths into science. Really nice if you are doing a related topic. – (rivers, conservation, water cycle, Roman viaducts etc).

Learning Outcomes Include:
Scientific method and fair testing, data production and recording, presenting data in graphs, problem solving, accurate measuring and lots lots more!

Ks1 Science Workshop - Save The Water

Take It Slow

KS2 Science Workshop - Take it slow

Although this investigation seems at first glance very simple – the fact that children can make minute changes to the system they are building makes this a serious engineering challenge.
The idea of the challege is to make the slowest run possible and test it.  This is a real leveller for regardless of age as it is applied not acquired knowledge that is brought out.  It is usually performed in team challenges and indeed we have done this as a whole school competition – with Y4s being the victors.
Children get a hands on investigation into forces and momentum, huge amounts of problem solving, resilience and teamwork are required to get to their best answer.  For older children this can be made more complex by developing the investigation to requiring the speed in metres per second.
Fuss and mess free and simple to perform children get a huge sense of achievement by applying knowledge they gain during the investigation.

Learning outcomes include:
Scientific method and fair testing, data production and recording, problem solving, accurate measuring and timing, learning about forces such as gravity and momentum, and lots lots more!