For a while now we’ve been looking for academic partners to aid the value we can offer to teachers with our Moti-Lab products and services. We’ve now found the ideal partnership.  Moti-Lab is very proud to announce a new partnership with Sheffield Hallam University, Institute of Education (SHUIoE).

We want to provide users of Moti-Lab with the best KS1 Science, KS2 Science and EYFS Science teaching resources as well as highlight the practical maths Moti-Lab can offer for primary schools.  Whilst the focus of our work with SHU IoE will focus on science for KS1 and KS2 we will also be working with the mathematics department to highlight our work in providing captivating practical maths.  SHU IoE has a strong international in being at the forefront for excellence in KS1 and KS2 science and we believe through this partnership we can create invaluable learning for all primary school children.

Sheffield Hallam University, Institute of Education recognised Moti-Lab as being an innovative product that had the potential to increase engagement and attainment for children in STEM education.  We’ve been fortunate enough to access some European funding so that SHUIoE can lend their expertise to the project and ensure that we offer the maximum value and impact with our products and services.

Moti-Lab is of course, extremely pleased to have recognised leaders in the field of STEM education providing us with guidance the project, a collaboration which is already producing fantastic results.