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Hear What Other Education Professionals Are Saying About Moti-Lab


“We think Moti-Lab is brilliant. We have children from nursery to Y6 and there is potential for them all to learn from it, it will support our STEM teaching brilliantly. We are very impressed!”

 – Mrs Fox, Headteacher, Woodseats Primary

“Moti-Lab would be an invaluable resource in any early years setting, it is a stimulating, accessible and open ended resource.  Moti-Lab fosters all the Characteristics of Effective Learning in the EYFS.”

–  S Westwood, Early Years Team Leader, Action for Children

“One child who really doesn’t like water enjoyed playing with Moti-Lab, this really changes things for him”

 – J Brush, Holbrook Specialist School for Autism

“Children with significant SEND took on leadership roles – if they can take that confidence into the classroom who knows what might happen”

–  D Meeds, Y4 Teacher, Woodseats Primary

“Good for encouraging the ‘characteristics of effective learning’ in EYFS – lots of teamwork skills.  We were able to observe lots for our Learning Journeys.”

–  H Dans, Reception Teacher, St Martins Primary

“I can see the benefit that children would get from ‘playing’ with this wall.  They were experimenting without fear of failing. The child I was supporting investigated the problems intensely – sheer joy on his face!”

–  L Jackson, MSI specialist, Y1 Teacher

“Children were very quick to begin interacting with the different elements – no child showed hesitancy / lack of confidence – lovely language learned.”

–  R James, Y1 Teacher, Chesterfield

“Great Cross curricular links. Moti-Lab links to much more than just STEM in the EYFS Development Matters.”

–  L Higgins, Reception Teacher, Wolverhampton

“Lots of learning outcomes recorded, such as – teamwork, challenge, observation and reasoning, especially engaging for some SEN students who find recording difficult”

 –  K Dunning, Deputy Headteacher for Inclusion, Sheffield

“A great opportunity for purposeful play. As a resource to help STEM teaching I’ve not seen anything as easy to engage with as this.”

–  B Davis, Headteacher, Grove Primary

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