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Moti-Lab is a new concept, and as such it might not be immediately apparent to all how to go about teaching using this new equipment.  We also know that no matter how fun and engaging the learning is, every resource at a school needs to deliver measurable learning outcomes that are curriculum focused.

As this is the case, and we want every teacher to be a STEM ace, we are providing numerous lesson plans, learning guides, games, challenges and investigation ideas that will help you cover EYFS Science and Maths Curriculum, KS1 Science & Maths Curriculum and KS2 Science & Maths Curriculum.

We are also on hand to help with any questions you have regarding the equipment and resources, with further help on our site, Youtube channel, Facebook page and twitter page.  

We know teachers will be able to innovate and use their skills and knowledge to come up with more amazing maths and science lessons and we will share them with all users of Moti-Lab.  If you have any good ideas please submit them using info@moti-lab.com and we’ll use them to help all other Moti-Lab teachers.

A Teacher demonstrates to her Year 4 Science students how to perform the experiment pouring different liquids down the Moti-Lab gutters

Lesson Plans

At the moment we have approximately 10 lesson plans for  Early Year and Years 1 to 6. Once your school has invested in Moti-Lab every teacher, practitioner and TA shall be given free access to these plans for ever.  All the lesson plans are designed to last approximately 40 mins to an hour to fit in with the school day. There are pointers to further learning or complimentary practical and classroom based activities as well as clear instruction on method and how you might assess progress.  As with all the activities they are adaptable to age so it’s worth a look in the year above or below to see if you can adapt the themes or outcomes for your group.

We have written the lesson plans to suit all teachers, some may use them as a brief overview to a topic and teach in their own way, but they are written with a detailed plan and method for those who prefer that style.

How they work…

All the experiments and investigations on Moti-Lab can have several learning outcomes that can be focused on.  You may want a particular experiment to focus on a mathematical outcome, scientific method, grasping of a new concept or idea.

As this is the case each  lesson plan shows all the curriculum focused learning outcomes the particular lesson can entail, all you have to do is remove the ones you don’t want to focus on, follow the method and choose the plenary for your chosen learning outcome, choose a couple of challenge questions and have fun.

Here is an example.. Save The Water – Year 5

Learning Activity Guides

We’ve teamed up with Sheffield Hallam University Institute of Education and other academics to bring you the best resources to help you deliver STEM lessons that will inspire and engage the children you teach. This partnership has developed a set of longer learning activity guides, for each year of primary and EYFS.  These schemes of work can be carried out over a longer period (3 or 4 lessons) and completed as you are able to fit them in. As with all our lesson plans you can adapt them to the age or ability of the group you are working with.

Here is an example  Sort Them Out! Year 1

Experiential Learning

As well as providing curriculum focused resources, Moti-Lab also fosters a vast amount of experiential learning – through open ended play and multi sensory learning. For EYFS and lower ability SEND this might well be all you need as the children experiment through child led investigation.  For older children a range of simple games and challenges support this method of learning. These could be 10 minute tinkers set through simple questions, competitive challenges or, open ended child led learning through play.

Whatever you use these resources for you can be sure that the intuitive and immersive quality of learning with Moti-Lab will deepen understanding of the scientific and mathematical concepts involved and provide hours of purposeful play for the children you teach.

Amazing Value

For a two class intake primary school Moti-Lab could be used to deliver at least 140 curriculum focussed science and maths lessons per year as well as unending learning through play.  This means that Moti-Lab should be in use for every morning and afternoon session throughout the year.

With an expected life of at least three years, Moti-Lab offers unrivalled value for schools.

The number of resources will grow as we get more people using Moti-Lab and contributing their own lesson plans and learning ideas. Moti-Lab teaching resources also provide signposting to other freely available resources and practical STEM projects that can be used to augment the practical teaching.

Gaining Access

Once your setting has invested in Moti-Lab every teacher, TA, Practitioner etc will get an individual login to access all the expanding range of resources free of charge, for ever!

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