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At Moti-Lab we have specific aims as a social enterprise to;

  • provide the most inspiring and engaging STEM education for all children
  • help to increase engagement and attainment for those children
  • to impact children from lower socio economic backgrounds (where the need is highest)
  • to help all primary teachers fulfil their role as engaging and inspiring STEM teachers

To help us achieve this aim we have established partnerships with institutions that share our goals.

Edina Trust Logo

Edina Trust

Moti-Lab is constantly looking to establish relationships with organisations that share our social mission and have agreed to partner with The Edina Trust – a UK based charity supporting schools in lower socio economic areas through grant funding.

The Edina Trust is currently operating a Science Grant Scheme for in 11 areas around the UK. They have included Moti-Lab on their Educational Suppliers page, and schools have the option of using their £600 Edina Trust science grant (£300 for Infant/Junior schools) for the purchase of a Moti-Lab through the trust’s Science Grant Scheme. Please visit the Edina Trust website (edinatrust.org.uk) for more information and to download an easy-to-complete application form. Edina schools can get 7.5% off when ordering a Moti-Lab using their science grant.

Sheffield Hallam Institute of Education

As we want to provide teachers with the very best resources to engage and inspire their students in STEM learning we have been working with Sheffield Hallam University Institute of Education.  This ongoing partnership is helping us provide high quality resources focused on the latest pedagogy for Key stage 1 and 2 National Curriculum for Science and Maths.  This partnership is helping us benchmark our resources with the latest research and ensuring ongoing quality.

The Young Foundation

We are backed by The Young Foundation who through their Young Academy social enterprise catalyst have funded the development of Moti-lab and continue to be active investors in the project.  The help and support received from The Young Academy has been invaluable to us in evaluating what our social mission is and how to maximise our social impact.  If you are a social enterprise looking for support and working in the education space click on the link to find out more about The Young Academy.

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