Why We Use Plastic

The main reason we are using plastic is simply that it is the best material for the job.  We’ve put a lot of thought into our design parameters and at each stage plastic was the ideal material to use for many reasons these include:

  1. Safety; The main risks using magnets is if they are swallowed.  Using a plastic enclosure ensures not only that children cannot access the magnets, but, it also protects children from any harm from the magnet coating.  Nearly all Neodymium magnets are coated with Nickel, this can be absorbed into water and thus expose children to the metal.   By using a waterproof plastic enclosure this danger is totally eliminated.
  2. Safety; We have taken great care in using non toxic plastics and all our plastics are Biphenol A free.   The magnetic modules are all ABS plastic (the same as lego) and the larger products are LLDPE which is certified potable.  This careful choice of materials allows us to have an economical product that are free from toxins.
  3. Longevity; We want to add value to schools so we have used very durable materials in construction so that the products last for years and provide great value.

What are we doing to minimise our environmental impact?

We realise that using plastic has an environmental impact and we are committed throughout our processes to both recycling and minimising our environmental impact.  This theme is at the core of both our manufacturing processes and the whole life of tour products.

  1. Manufacturing; We are committed to using as little plastic as possible whilst still producing a durable and safe product.
  2. Manufacturing; We would love to use recycled plastic in manufacturing however this is complex for a number of reasons, at present we are unable to find a source of recycled plastic that would pass CE safety regulations in terms of toxicity.  A review is performed annually to assess whether this situation has changed and we are constantly in conversation with our manufacturers for a recycled alternative.
  3. Manufacturing; Moti-Lab is 100% manufactured in the UK – this allows us to reduce our carbon footprint in terms of transport costs.
  4. End of Life; After many years of service we are committed to taking used Moti-Labs back in house for our recycling programme.  This will include using our existing manufacturers to grind and recycle plastics that have passed their useful life (they are made into plastic boards for animal pens).  Where we are able to reassemble complete units from used parts through refurbishment we are committed to doing so and the units produced shall be donated to educational charities in the developing world to increase our social impact globally.