The Moti-Lab Kit

Moti-Lab - a blue reservoir with a magnetically receptive wall attached and magnet gutters wheels and switches

A “Pop Up” STEM Lab In A Box

Everything you need for amazing practical science and maths is contained within the reservoir.  Set up is straightforward and quick, with a little practice it should take no more than a couple of minutes.  Once the posts and boards are inserted into the reservoir and locked in place the wall is ready to go – just add water!

An Image Of Moti-Lab Packed Away

A Shared Mobile Resource

Moti-Lab will benefit every child at your school and we’ve designed it as a shareable resource.  Once packed down Moti-Lab is mobile so can be used anywhere in your setting.  You could be doing materials with EYFS in the morning and averages with Year 6 in the afternoon.  A true whole school resource.

Children of various ages enjoying learning on moti-lab

Intuitive And Engaging Magnetic System

The magnetic gutters, wheels and switches are super intuitive and easy to manipulate even by the smallest hands.  The magnetic attachment allows for fine adjustments.  Children can evaluate, test, change strategy and retest with absolute ease. What could be more engaging than water and magnets?

A group of 8 children learning science and maths on Moti-Lab

Double Sided For Group Experiments

Children can use both sides of the wall to experiment in small groups.  Great for competitive challenges and comparing results.  This way of working promotes teamwork and cooperation as the children work together to solve tasks.  Side by Side learning is particularly suited for those children with ASD or ADHD, increasing concentration, confidence and positive behavioral outcomes.  A single Moti-Lab provides ample room for 8 children.

a lrge group of children learning on moti-lab

Multiple Set Up For Class Learning

You can arrange multiple Moti-Labs together to form a larger single working areas for class projects or allow multiple experiments to be performed and compared – a great way to encourage peer review, compare results and assess scientific method.  Putting two Moti-Labs together is ideal for 16 children allowing you to split your class in half and complimentary activities are provided for the other half! An easy way to provide whole class practicals.

The children plot the results of their experiment on the moti-lab wall

Use The Wall To Record And Analyse Results

As the wall is a whiteboard material it’s great for getting children to hypothesise, predict and record the results of their experiment. Presenting results in graph form allows for immediate analysis and comparison of their work to help deepen understanding.  The whiteboard is great for adding vocabulary you want them to learn in a particular task, magnetic games, drawing, displays and class presentations.

A small boy concentrates pouring water into the moti-lab reservoir

Use The Reservoir Itself For More STEM fun

The learning isn’t restricted to the wall and the magnetic modules.  The reservoir, apart from recycling the water and containing any mess, can be used for lots of experiments – floating and sinking, sorting materials, sailing boats and creating waves to knock them over, investigating surface tension, messy play and more.  Hose attachments for the water inlet make filling easy and quick, the sump makes emptying easy – but they also allow the reservoir to be used as a massive displacement jar.  Can you calculate the volume of 3 rugby balls?

A Huge Amount Of Learning In A Box

Each unit contains: The mobile reservoir and lids, 4 Stackable magnetic whiteboards, 16 Colour coded gutters, 4 at 800mm, 4 at 600mm, 4 at 400mm and 4 at 200mm, 2 Wheels, 2 Switches, instruction manual & care guide.  Using just these and water or balls will add a phenomenal amount of hands on science and practical maths to your provision.  Investing in Moti-Lab for your setting also gives every teacher or practitioner full free access to our extensive range of teaching resources and CPD.  Unrivaled value for your school!

A group of children pouring water to investigate science and maths on moti-lab

Robust, Safe And Easy To Maintain

Some school resources disappoint by not standing up to the rigors of everyday use.  We also know how excited and enthusiastic children will get when using Moti-Lab to learn.  To combat this we’ve made all the components as robust as possible and completely safe.  Moti-Lab is rigorously tested and conforms to CE marking safety regulations.  All our plastics are BPA free and recyclable.  Designed to withstand outdoor use in all but the worse weather.  Easy to maintain with periodic cleaning Moti-Lab will give your school years of fantastic STEM.

Kit Contents

Single Moti-Lab unit
Assembled size of apparatus approximately 1700mm X 1510mm (5’8” X 5’4”)
This is recommended for comfortable use by 8 children at a time.


  • 1 X Moti-Lab reservoir (approx 1700mm X 400mm X 400mm)
  • 1 X Lid
  • 4 X Double sided magnetically receptive stacking whiteboards (approx 1500mm X 300mm X 17mm)
  • 16 Gutter Sections (4 X 800mm, 4 X 600mm, 4 X 400mm, 4 X 200mm)
  • 2 X Water Wheels
  • 2 X Switches
  • 1 X Instruction manual
  • 1 X Care guide

Unlimited access to our online resource packs and website membership (login required for each teacher / practitioner).
Huge amounts of fun and learning!

2 Moti-Lab Units
This is recommended for comfortable use by 16 children at a time. The Moti-Lab units can be used separately or joined to form larger walls. Ideal for splitting a class into halves.

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