Year 6

With most of our lesson plans there are lots of potential learning outcomes so have a look and choose a few that are most pertinent to the area of learning or topic you want to teach.  You can download the lessons and edit them to your needs. Please note these are written in Google Docs so if downloading in Word or as a PDF you may see some formatting errors. Google Docs is available for free to anyone with a Gmail account.

Although we have set these out in year groups have a look at the surrounding year groups as the lesson might suit the children you are teaching.

As ever, your feedback is much appreciated and have fun!

The Moti-Lab Team

Slime Time

This activity investigates the properties of liquids with different viscosity (stickiness).  Using “Gelli Baff” added to water in different amounts children can explore the effects on the flow of the liquid as it gets thicker; moving on from Y5 the activity  requires the planning of scientific enquiries to describe predictions and outcomes, recording observations accurately and controlling variables where appropriate. A number of mathematical enquiries can be performed to solve multi-step problems including ratio and proportion ,the four operators and fractions using decimals and percentage. Statistics are used to interpret and  record observations to draw conclusions and predict causal relationships.

Save The Water

This activity investigates water conservation, water is poured down the gutters and collected to see how much is lost: moving on from Y5 investigations are created using a range of scientific equipment to draw ratio and proportion  conclusions using knowledge of percentage, along with the mathematical investigations using measurement and properties of shapes. Scientific enquiry is observed and demonstrated by interpreting data which are recorded and classified using pie charts.

Muddy Water

This activity investigates filtration. Soil is mixed with water and poured down the gutters, everyday objects are placed in the gutters to see if they catch any of the dirt: moving on from Y5 investigating and recording the volume and speed of the muddy and clear water and uses of objects for filtration, designing a fair test to compare and record the difference (using percentage and ratio)  between objects including the order in which the objects work the best to filter the dirt. Recording results using a range of charts.

Let It Roll

This activity investigates how different objects move down a ramp, a range of objects are sent down the gutters to see how they move: moving on from the activity in Y5 understanding of measurement of volume, position, direction and speed are reinforced by predicting and designing tests to alter the speed of different shaped objects at a range of angles. Results of the tests are interpreted and recorded using pie charts.

Home Sweet Home

This activity explores how being able to classify animals helps us deduce what dinosaurs looked like and which environment they lived in.

Fair And Share

This activity uses the different gutter lengths to investigate ratios, scaling and proportion.

Don’t Rock The Boat

Having fun with boats to discover all sorts of things about the surface areas, perimeters and volumes of of triangles and polygons, cubes and cuboids: Moving on from the activity in Y5, this activity investigates a range of shapes for the sails and the cuboid to compare the relationship between boat size, sail size and speed, by performing simple practical tests with cardboard boats and sails  in the reservoir. Predictions and observations are recorded in a range of charts.

Friction and Stiction

Investigate the effects of friction forces on objects going down the ramp.  What will make the objects stop?

Ball Games

Build on mental maths, by building a basic calculator with balls!